All Mortgage Applications must be sourced through a Licensed Mortgage Broker /Agent.

Westboro Mortgage Investment Corp. (WMIC) is locally owned and operated by professionals with extensive background in the mortgage industry.

Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Construction Financing; the WMIC team prides itself on providing exceptional service and is committed to servicing Ottawa, Ottawa Valley, Gatineau (Outaouais), Kingston Seaway and recently Barrie areas.

The WMIC team understands the importance of forming strong business relationships and maintaining high service levels to satisfy the brokerage community.  Our team provides fast, knowledgeable, creative mortgage solutions to meet your client’s immediate needs.  With our common-sense approach to lending, WMIC focuses on approving mortgage applications that typically do not qualify under traditional mortgage lender guidelines.  Our underwriters have combined lending experience of over 80 years, and are accustomed to decisioning deals utilizing the fundamental basic root of lending – The 5 C’s of Credit:   Credit, Capacity, Collateral, Character and Capital.

Our team is dedicated to providing same day service and commitments issued within 24 hours.


Filogix Update

Please note that effective December 1st, 2016 WMIC stopped accepting mortgage applications via Filogix.

Applications should be submitted via email at You will experience the same exceptional service you have come to expect from Westboro MIC.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Jason Kelly



Prime Lending Area

Eastern Ontario urban and rural : rates start at 7.99 in areas with Populations of 50,000+ (Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, etc.) and Gatineau, QC, as well as small centres (Brockville, Carleton Place, Arnprior, etc.) which are defined as properties located within 10 km of the urban centres and/or populations of 5,000+. Rural area rates start at 8.99.

Property Types

  • Residential 1sts (owner occupied & rentals);
  • Residential 2nds (owner occupied & rentals);
  • Cottage/Waterfront Properties;
  • Hobby Farms/Farms (house & 5 acres);
  • Mixed Use Properties;
  • Commercial/Industrial 1sts;
  • Construction loans.

Rates/Fees & Maximum LTV’s

Residential Rates Fees ($2k minimum)
1sts – Urban Areas & Small Centres (up to 85% LTV) 7.99% – 11.95% 2.0% – 3.0%
2nds – Urban Areas & Small Centres (up to 85% LTV) 11.00% – 15.00% 3.0% minimum
1sts – Rural (up to 80% LTV) 8.99%-11.955% 2.0%-3.0%
2nds – Rural (up to 80% LTV) 11.00%-15.00% 3.0%
Commercial & Multi Unit Rental Rates Fees ($1k minimum)
1sts – Urban Areas 8.99% – 12.95% 2.5% – 4.0%


Our standard term is 12 – 24 months. Note: Exceptions may be made for a longer term, however at a higher rate/fee.


Sundry Items

  • Principal on Commercial/Industrial 1sts must have a beacon score of 600+;
  • WMIC will consider 1st mortgages for properties in Gatineau (urban) with a beacon score of 600+;
  • We welcome self-declared income situations;
  • Renewal fees on residential deals are the greater of 0.25% of the principal balance and $950;
  • Renewal fees on commercial deals are the greater of 1.0% of the principal balance and $950;
  • Borrower may use their own lawyer on residential deals, however WMIC’s lawyer must be used on commercial/industrial deals;
  • Quebec Deals are serviced by a designated Notary assigned by WMIC;
  • Fees may be capitalized and deducted at source when per-arranged, providing LTV is not over 80%;
  • Appraisers must have CRA or AACI designations.

Forms for Brokers