Westboro MIC Advantage

Westboro MIC’s mandate is to generate a consistent and above average return on investments for shareholders through a professionally managed portfolio. Westboro MIC’s management team and mortgage underwriters have extensive professional experience in real estate and mortgages.

Key advantages and differentiating factors of the Westboro MIC include:


1. Diversification and Risk Reduction

  • Focus is short duration, single family residential mortgages in the targeted geographic area
  • Appropriate exposure to second and commercial mortgages, and modest leverage to improve return profile
  • Strong, long-standing broker relationships help differentiate sourcing
  • Typical mortgage term is one year; approximately 1/3 of the portfolio turns over annually

*Chart data as of Dec 31, 2020

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2. Strong Deal Flow

  • Growing asset base combined with strong service drives relationships with mortgage brokers, facilitating sourcing
  • Deep knowledge of targeted real estate market enabling the identification of attractive mortgage opportunities


3. Highly Desirable Territory

  • The Ottawa region has a resilient job market, stable real estate market and strong economic development